San Pablo Theological Formation House Alumni 2008

After the monthly priest assembly, we proceeded to Tagaytay for the Alumni celebration. Most of the priest of the diocese of San Pablo came from this formation house. Though our study is conducted by the Divine Word Seminary, other formations such as spiritual and community life is being held in the said formation house. Last year, we did not have any graduates because of the scarcity of those who could persevere in the priesthood. So there was no batch host during the celebration. The seminary fathers have prepared for everything for the little resources possible. It is sad to say that there are only 35 alumni who attended the said celebration, it is not even half of the graduates.

One of the agenda tacked was the creation of the officers of the alumni not only for the celebration but as a council to help or support the Alumni and the seminary. The outcome of the election is as follows:

President/Coordinator: Rev. Fr. Mario Rivera
Vice: Rev. Fr. Doy Bariring
Treasurer: Rev. Fr. Gabby Delfino
Secretary: Rev. Jason
P.R.O." Rev. Fr. Boy San Jose

It was also been discussed that an egroup/online forum must be created to be moderated by Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr.

As part of the said initiative, a join button below is created for the said purpose

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Click to join SPAA

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