Conversion of St. Augustine

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Last Holy Wednesday, I tried to bring back the Old Tradition of having a special Mass for students, teachers and all involve in academic profession especially those who are taking examinations in honor of St. Augustine.
With prayerful discernment, I have come into a conclusion that one day is not enough for the said purpose. So I choose another date, May 5, to celebrate a special Mass. May 5, is the date i have chosen not simply because it was the date of the former fiesta of this parish but most of all for the reason that it was the day St. Augustine was formally converted to follow the footstep of Jesus Christ. He was baptized on that day by the Bishop of Milan, St. Ambrose.
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Reflecting on conversion as the change of one heart, in particular on this issue from paganism to Christianity. This change of heart has its potent force in our human activity. People can be discourage or be inspired depending on one's change of heart. It is where our inner force to pursue a higher goal from which we need to overcome adversities. This is also the potent force for those who are taking their exams. As Jesus tells his disciples on today's Gospel. have a strong will. Students who are taking their boards exams are presumed to have completed their four or more years in the study of the field of their choice. They have been physically prepared for the said date. it is also pertinent that they be spiritually prepared and this occasion will be the venue of which the parish would like to offer an opportunity from which they may truly encounter Christ who have defeated all adversaries especially Sin and its effects.

The celebration of the Holy Eucharist for those students and parents of students who like that they may pass the exams may come together and ask the intercession of St. Augustine who is one of the four great Latin doctors of the church be their example in giving proper acknowledgement to God for giving him the gift of knowledge. acknowledge he properly used for defending the Church from all heresies.

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