Cj's Birthday 2008

When I was assigned in Suba, Majayjay, Laguna during the 1990's, Imade some friends, both from the Our Lady of the Pillar parish and of neighboring parishes. Some were just high school students then. But now, they are professionals, others married and have children already. CJ is one of them but it was been a long time since no communication was made from either of us. It was only later during the last Chrism Mass that CJ and her parents attended in San Pablo that she has seen me again. I did not noticed here then because ther are many faithful who attended this yearly celebration. It was through the internet that she was able to see my contact and have emailed me. It was then that communication was reestablished.

Today, I came to their house for the celebration of her birthday. here are soe pictures during the said celebration with some of the guest.