A lot of questions were been raised on the legitimacy of "Nuffnang" among Filipino blogger because iot is just newin the Philippines as an advertiser agent, It was almost a month now that since it started here in the Philippines and no advertiser yet. So far, there is no question of legitimacy on me. It is a legitimate bussiness but will it add revenue to the blog site is the most importantr question. Since, I started blogging, I did not have any income yet, I am not that good enough, maybe. I have no regrets because I did not start blogging for monetary purpose but it will help me a lot. Sometimes, I cannot accept that I am not too good enough to earn even a  cent through my blog.

Contemplating upon my contents, give me an insigth that this is not really the subject matter that people would like to read. But, the very purpose of this blog is a journal of my journey. And I do not want to shift from that thought. Maybe I could add another blog for specific topics of which could give me earning. I have a blog that continually give hig traffic but since it is hosted to wordpress. I could not monetize it. As others suggested, if I want my blog to earn money I need to get my own domain nameof which for the moment I could not afford. I do not have also the expertise to manage my own blog in my own domain name. Let us see.
getting back to Nuffnang, I received this letter (see below) explaining their present condition. On my case, I decided to remove their banner for the moment. I will restore them later if see some improvement.

Dear Nuffnangers:


Thank you for your overwhelming response and acceptance of our efforts to establish our community in the Philippines .  Since the soft launch of our website last August 27, we have reached over 900 registered bloggers in less than a month.   That's a great start and we appreciate your support! 

On our part, we've started to actively sell ad inventory. As you know, internet advertising is new to the Philippines , so we are not sure when revenue will ramp up.


However, we would like to assure you that we are working very hard. We've been improving our marketing material based on campaigns in Malaysia and Singapore . We've also started presenting to ad agencies and clients. We're supporting our online efforts with some outdoor video ad's on Guadalupe ( ).We are also investing in training. Timothy has been here a couple of times to our office. And, we are planning to send our team to Malaysia and Singapore i n October to learn secrets to success that we can apply here. 

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