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It was been a almost a year that I joined blogcatalog. But sometimes of this year my account was blocked. I can no longer accessed it for no apparent reason. I wrote them concerning my predicament and looking for some solution, but it seems that they are not interested. Here are the exchange of emails concerning this matter

Ticket # 12082-6218100802 Department Customer Service Email ******
Subject No Subject Priority Low Status Closed

This is the first letter I sent them after I made a decision to write them concerning my problem.
I joined blogcatalog for about a year or more. I cannot access my profile. I like this social site and I want to continue and make use of its feature.Can you help me?

This is their response. One of the team assigned on this matter named Daniel responded with this email:

It appears that your account has been disabled due to the use of automated software to browse the site. This type of a abuse is a violation of out TOS. have a nice day.

Daniel /

Software? What software? A program that may run on their pages automatically. I do not have such kind of software. How did could they prove that I have used a software. Surely, they could not prove because I do not have used any software of whatever kind except the internet browser. If ever I have violated their TOS of which a ground to discontinue my use of their service they should prove it. If they could not prove it, they should not do such things that will hurt the trust of their client even if the service is free.

Sometimes, I have to keep it to myself because I am using a free service. However, I am feed up of people running this kind of service on the pretext of their social concern for the cyber community. Since, they have offered this service for free, they also have no right to discontinue their service without proper proceedings. Since I cannot brought my case in a leveled ground, I am bringing my case here in the internet, particularly in this blog. I know, and I have read some blogs with the same disappointments with the blogcatalog people. I would like to add my little contribution to the fight.

Hoping for consideration, I decided to write them if it is possible to reactivate my account. I am trying to look for solution on this problem. This is what I wrote in response to their accusation.

I did not use any software to browse the site. And I can find no reason to use any software to do so.
Is there any change that my account could be reactivated? How?

Instead of a civilized response, what I got was a notification that the ticket number concerning my query is close.

This message is to notify you that a ticket has been closed.

Ticket ID 12082-6218100802

Did blogcatalog have run out of words to explain to me the situation? If ever I could no longer reactivate my account, surely I can make another account but I could no longer include my blogs I have recently submitted to them because it is still on their database with a deactivated account.

Readers can you shed some explanation here?

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