One of my blog is a reposting of the catholic news from the Vatican, It was more than ayear since I have started it but was not been able to update it frequently because of some schedule. It is a year lapse already and I am not yet been able to catch up since new news also arrives. 

I am reposting it as the way of letting myself reminded that i have read that item already, it is also a way from which other catholic could access the material though they could also accessed it through the mother site. However, I believe that my reposted item can be more accessed than those posted with the mother site. The counter clearly speaks that though it was a reposted news, there is more than 126,000 visit already for only more than 1,000 items.

the work is also taxing but since I am reading also the material, it will not require more than enough to post it, though surely it will also require additional time. But the response based on the number of visits clearly shows that it is not only me that I am reading or seeking the same materials.

One year lapse, make it certainly as a history material but it is still a significant material because it is the activity of the church that somehow or another make an impact on the present condition. hoping to catch up soon. Maybe help is needed here to give more allotted time

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