The retreat lasted until culminating activity of the Holy Eucharist at eleven o'clock and then followed by lunch. I promised to one of my friend who happens to be living in Batangas City to visit her after the retreat session. So, again i asked direction where to enter the tollway going to Batangas City, the drivers of the students are kind enough to point me which direction shall I take. The tollway is cool, I believed it, it was the first time that I was able to drive with 110 KPH. others can even go to a faster mode. I am new to the place and I do not want to invite any unpleasant events so I just drive with a controlled speed.

Since I do not know the place of Wines, I asked her to meet me at a place where I could easily find. She suggested SM Batangas. Well, it is not an easiest place but it was a well known place so I just followed the street direction. It is only unfamiliarity with the place that has clouded my mind. At least, I was able to arrive there and I waited till she and her husband arrived to feth me to go to their new home. It was more than a year now that they are staying in their newly aquired place in one of the subdivision of Lipa city.

Spent some hours with her because she is undergoing some difficulties with her husband. I hope it would be resolved soon. I just come to visit and let her feel my presence.

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