Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

A lot of work during the Yuletide season which hinder me to post here on this blog along with my other blog. So far, the only thing I was able did during the season in the cyberworld is checking email. Some email was not responded because I find difficulty with the yahoo account. I do not know that the problem. Every time I will create new message the response was "not yet finish processing".

As my new post for 2009, I am relinking to the free Pixel list on http://masipag.com/.Yes, it is free but needs link to the site from the blog you are putting there

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  1. Hello Father Jessie, it's so nice to see a priest who blogs! I've been trying to get the Passionist Fathers to blog and will show them your blog. Happy new year po!

  2. Aileen,
    Thanks Aileen,
    I have contacted you before through PBS when my blog was inaccessible when some visitors accidentally flagged my blog. It is good that you have included some insertion on the said button explaining the meaning of such.

    Priest have difficulty on blogging not on the question of materials but on the technical issues. Maybe if you can teach them on how to navigate on it, it will be of great help. I can also help maintain their blogs if they like, free of charge.