A Christian site that does not accept catholic sites

I have attempted to exchange banners with other christian sites in the web, hoping for banner exchange and to have some exposure with other christian content. However, I found out that their site does not accept catholic sites because catholic according to them catholics do not believe salvation comes from grace ALONE.
Here is their response to my request.

I'm sorry, I couldn't authorize your site for The Gospel Banner Exchange, as the Catholic beliefs are not compatible with our statement of beliefs outlined at:

Point 4 of our statement of beliefs says;

4.) You must believe in salvation by grace alone, and that salvation is immediate and eternal upon acceptance of Jesus as a one-time sacrifice for your sins, and not obtained through any works, sacraments, traditions or merits of our own. This however is not the official Catholic Church belief.

There are many other banner exchanges available on the web which may suit your purposes.

Thanks for considering us."


Well, I have nothing against them but they should not named their site as a Christian site. Catholics are christians also.

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