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Hoverspot is another free social networking website. As I browse and joined the said site, I found out that it has also a photo section of which you can upload your photos one by one, up to 5 at a time unlike other sites that supports flash softwares that can even upload to 60 files. You can also post your blog without the use of html and css.

" is a free social networking website that facilitates online communication through an interactive network of photos, weblogs, personal web pages, and an internal e-mail system. HoverSpot enhances your interactive experiences with your Buddies and other HoverSpot members by providing features not available from other social networking sites. HoverSpot provides you with a wide variety of rich content templates with which to customize your Website. We also provide you with the HoverBuilder, a tool that allows our members freely express themselves customizing their Website without knowing the inner workings of HTML and CSS."

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