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Wondering on how some bloggers can be able to put thumbnails in their site has let me to browse the internet for some examples. It is clear that blogger has also the capability to put picture thumbnails to the blog but it will eat much bytes in my allotted space. There are still 70% available space but as the blog grows, picture bytes will also grow. I do not want to exceed my allowable space. I am looking for a third party site to store some of my pictures that can also allow me to put thumbnails. There are also other site that do the same but for individual pictures, it will be taxing on my part aside from the time to be spent on its inclusion. Mass uploading software is available. Surely, this will be of great help for me.

The site I have discovered is called You could even monetized it for internet content. According to them there is no limit of size for uploading and for the volume of your pictures.

Here is one of the example. This is the set of pictures of my previous post on Junior-Senior Prom.

- Upload unlimited pictures
- No file size restrictions
- Create unlimited galleries
- We pay $0.22 per 1000 pic views.. that's more than some major ad networks pay their publishers!
- We allow you to add your
Bidvertiser © code to your
image and gallery pages.
- We pay out within 7 days!
- One click posting to Myspace,
Blogger, Xanga, Hi5, and more!

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