Liceo de Bay Junior-Senior Prom

Right after my Masses in the barrios, Brgy. Masaya and Sitio Bagong Pook of Tranca, Bay, Laguna. I dressed up with my clerical garb and proceeded to the Church patio for the celebration of the Junior-Senior Prom of the Liceo de Bay.

They are having supper when I arrive. I did not eat then because the barrio folks have prepared a supper for me beforehand in Bagong Pook. Since they are having supper, there is a break of activities. it was been the time to have some chat with the teacher and principal of the school. I also delivered a message after the break.
I reiterated to them one of my message during my Mass to them last Thursday, that they could have fun without getting into trouble and the school would like to prepare them for their inclusion to the larger society. Sometimes the youth were not been properly instructed that they have also social obligations. When they grow up, there are social celebrations that they have attend to which require them to be prepare on how to deal with others in the said situation civily.

This is also one of my obligation that I have to attend to. I am not much of an outgoing person but my position requires me to be present in this kind of activities.

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