Priests' Assembly

I have suffered from an intense abdominal pain maybe because I have eaten something bad either yesterday or a day before. Even with this excruciating pain I decided to attend the monthly priest assembly in San Pablo City. Today, it will be held on the St. Peter's College seminary grounds instead of Bishop's residence to coincide with the alumni celebration of the said institution.

The priest assembly meeting announced new appointments of priests. Rev. Fr. Wanny Cacao will be a full time again to his ministry in healing and will reside to Diocesan healing center in PCARD, Los Banos, Laguna. Rev. Fr. Joe Segudo will go solo in Immaculate parish in Los banos, Laguna. Rev. Fr. Jerry Oblepias Jr. will be the parish priest of Our Lady of Remedy, Del Remedio, San Pablo City. Rev. Fr. Ramon Calago will be transferred to Immaculate Conception parish, Sta. Cruz, Laguna as the parochial vicar. Rev. Fr. Jerry Oblepias, will be the parish priest of Lingga, Pila, Laguna. Rev. Fr. Dondi Endaya will be tranferred to United San Pedro.

The role of the diocese on the plight of the poor especially with the farmer and the relocatees are noted and hoping to continue to maintain the degree of help extended to this sector.

The need for the Mass media should also be reinforce and be highly appreciated for the proclamation of the Gospel of salvation.

The Diocesan Pastoral Council is underway for the full blast implementation as the new director is girding toward for the revival of lay empowerment.

The AIR program along with the ASSIST program for the priests is announced, several priests were selected to participate this year.

The youth ministry likewise will have a new impetus for the new slogan GO LETS

The assembly finished at almost one o'clock in the afternoon. I will post later the video om this matter. I have some difficulty for the moment of uploading it to youtube. So I uploaded it instead to my multiply site.

The Alumni celebration follows after lunch with games. At 6:00 in the evening the Mass was celebrated with Bishop Mylo Vergara as the main celebrant and homily. Bishop Drona and the rest of the clergy concelebrates. Bishop Mylo shared in his homily, three catch words, cross, mission and community.

After the Mass, supper follows with the prepared program..

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