Three Weeks!

Lenten celebration as a preparation for Easter has taken its toll as always been as a part of priestly ministry. It usually requires a lot of time for prayer and for the contemplation of the sacred event for every christian to examine one's action in the presence of God as to what one has really attained as he walks in this earthly life. As we move on for a deeper reflection of our actions on this life, we have to be reminded that with a lot of spiritual activities, we will surely go back to the daily routine of our existence.

So after all of the Lenten and Easter activities which have stopped me for blogging, I am back, hopefully.

Checking my email, I have find out that I have more than eight thousand unread messages. Well, messages of every kind including of course of spam emails. I have to catch up. Lenten and Eater activities will be posted later on as we go along. just informing my readers and those who are passing thru that I am back. Happy Easter!

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