Nuclear Power Plant Again?

Rotating brownouts in the Philippine archipelago has stirred some speculations and has put some people to push through the creation of nuclear power plants.

There are two issues here. One is the creation of nuclear power plants in the Philippines. Second, the real cause of brownouts.

The Philippines have one nuclear power plant, completed but never fueled. It was never used because of the strong opposition from the Filipino people for the reason that it poses risk to human life and safety. It was declared 31 years ago as unsafe because of 4,000 defects on design and construction and it sits right on the active volcano.

The propose nuclear plant or plants is/are proposed to several place in the Philippines land some considered as safe. However, it should be noted that the country is within the volcanic rim of fire.

Those who proposed that the nuclear power plant is one of the cheapest source of energy. There are some issues to be considered such as the nuclear waste, safety from natural and man made disasters.

Much is to be said here. More time also to reflect on this issue. However, we have to consider also that this proposal has crop up again because of the rotating brownout which has come to the second issue.

Energy secretary has claimed brownout has been caused by El Nino. It was easily be disputed simply because there is still enough water to sustain our hydro power plants. our energy comes from various sources including water, steam, hydrogen and bunker oil. The real reason is that our power grids are unstable. Rotating brownouts in Luzon is caused by the two Kalayaan Hydro power plants in Laguna having some problems.

Generally, our present source of energy is enough to sustain electricity even on this dry season. We only need to enhanced the facility and structure that make this source of energy productive. our present plants also need to upgrade on the updated machines that can effectively channel this to a stable and efficient energy.

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