Collection of Homilies in Facebook

People who goes to Mass every Sunday surely would like to hear a good Homily. As we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Spirit this Sunday clearly indicates that the Holy Spirit woks in mysterious way but on the other hand it is also the Spirit that will inspire and  give us strength to do our work. we also need to pray and study to be able to understand the Word of God to be communicated and be enliven to the daily lives of our parishioners.

On this regard, we have also to update ourselves of the recent developments on the study of the Holy Scripture. It is commonly accepted that there are things if not totally new are being revealed to us due to the advancement of technology. Present technology give us a more accurate reading of the things that happened to the past such as archeological developments. On such necessity to make ourselves equipped and knowledgeable on the field of homiletics  it is also helpful to compare notes on the matter of content. Though our audience may vary in some degree the very nuclear message might be nearer to each and everyone of us. So, as part of the effort to make things easier especially for the pastors to have the necessary tools. a new page was created in the Facebook called Catholic Homily hoping to find a wide variety of resources to be available to the public specially to the priest worldwide with the help also of the fellow catholic priests worldwide.

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