Driver's License Renewal

The Land transportation office have improved a lot since the last time i renew my driver's licence three years ago.

Today, this afternoon at around three i drove to Pila, Laguna, the nearest Land Transportation Office (LTO). It was already three forty five when i arrived in the LTO office. i was been directed to window no. 3 that pointed me to Drug testing center and Medical center for some test. I first approached one of the eight accredited drug testing center. the secretary courteously directed me to approached first the medical center. in the medical center, after filing the necessary papers the doctor just asked me to see two images of dots and asked me what number i see. After a hundred peso fee, my paper was signed. Next, the drug test. i was accompanied by the secretary while i urinate. A digital I.D. Photo was taken along with the fingerprints. A fee of 300 pesos was paid. After the drug testing, another form was filled in window three. After some time I was called for another digital I.D. photo was taken with the signature specimen. After paying the fee of four hundred ninety pesos and sixty three cents and for one hour and thirty minutes I have my license.


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