Facebook invasion

Is the term I can associate with my internet experience during the past months that I stopped updating my site here in Blogspot, http://frjessie.blogspot.com. Well time element is one the constraints, however, the fact that i was able to update my site in facebook proves that otherwise.

It is of note that somehow Facebook offers much than this existing site can offer. In Facebook there is already a captive audience because you already have friends who might be on line and could have seen your posts or status. it is a captive audience. The name facebook has become so popular that even google was able to penetrate that some topics and materials have already been searched and filed.

The friendliness of the use of the site also contributes. There times that what you need is just to simply tag the pictures and hoola after a few seconds, it is on your profile. What you need is just a couple of mouse clicks.

The vastness of materials that can be shelved or saved. There is no restriction on hoe many bytes your pictures has, only the time it will be uploaded sometimes bother me. But their is no maximum number of photos that can be uploaded. This is one of the edge of facebook from other sites.

What makes me come back now? Well, I also need this site to be updated, This is one of the site that I have labouriosly been studied on how to navigate and enhance by learning some  basic codes.

This is the site that make me really think. Though, i might not have as may followers as of that facebook has, this one marks my internet presence as an individual that can also be access outside of the facebook world.


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