IJUVENTUDE Application Version 2.0 for the day to day young Catholic

IJUVENTUDE Application Version 2.0 for the day to day young Catholic

IJuventude The application is a smartphone produced by the Archdiocese of Campinas in order to bring the Catholic youth of Brazil and Portuguese-speaking countries all information on World Youth Day, and contribute to the spirituality of young people. It is the application to everyday life of the young Catholic. He is the first application aimed at the Brazilian Catholic World Youth Day.

According to Father Rodrigo Flaibam Catino, creator of the application, "the iJuventude was designed especially for young Catholic and time of grace which the Church is living in Brazil in preparation for World Youth Day in 2013 in Rio de Janeiro ".

Available for several platforms and smartphones such as iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android, the application has been well received by young people, as highlighted by Jefferson Silva by saying "wonderful and innovative idea, congratulations."

Contents of Application iJuventude

The application can know the history of JMJ's, the trajectory of the Pilgrim Cross and the Icon of Our Lady and the official anthems (including MP3 to listen!). Be "in the palm of the hand" the summit marking, as provided by CNBB, in preparation for WYD 2013; messages from Pope Benedict XVI, and a collection of special content for the young on Spirituality: Prayers, Mass, Confession and the Holy Rosary.

Multimedia A channel is available with access to FM Radio New Song Live, photo gallery, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and also there is a possibility to indicate, application sharing through networks sociais.Por iJuventude is possible to have access to the latest major news sites on the World Youth Day and Youth issues in Brazil and abroad, as CN Unlock, Youth Connected, JMJ Rio2013, JMJCampinas and the Holy See

In addition to a more "universal" in the presentation of content, the big news in version 2.0 of the application is iJuventude Cristoteca, a library with more than 70 singers and music bands of the main Catholic. The application also offers the option to browse the contents as you hear the music. To Father Rodrigo, the Cristoteca is "a response to several requests made by several young singers and the appeal had to know the first version." The priest also emphasizes that "we were surprised by the openness achieved in a significant number of application downloads and healthy interest in music bands and singers Catholics and effective way of spreading the gospel."

The musicians are Catholics present in iJuventude: The Flanders, Andrew Leonni, Marco Frisina, Diego Fernandez, Singers of God, Praise Acoustic, Maranatha Tribe, Olivia Ferreira, Celina Borges, Angel Rescue, Father Fabio de Melo, Rose of Sharon, Father Marcelo Rossi, Father John, Eros Biondini, Adriana Arydes, DOM, Dominus, Dunga, Eliana Ribeiro, Father Juarez de Castro, Blessed Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, Shalom, Nilton Junior, Next Generation, Life Glitters, Vital Breath, Kyrios Dei and Cleiton Saraiva. "We are grateful to agencies, producers, record companies and singers in this release by the partnership," said the priest.

Application in IJUVENTUDE
Check out the site and news from the Youth Connected Application iJuventude. In the NEWS section you can access all the news and reports published by JConectados. Download the application and check the latest news, such as the pilgrimage of the Cross and Icon of the Days of Our Lady.

Hot site iJuventude - http://www.jmjcampinas.org.br/app/
Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/iJuventude
Twitter profile - @ ijuventude
Platforms: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android

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