Diocese issues ‘fake priest’ warning

BALITANG CLERGY: Diocese issues ‘fake priest’ warning

MANILA, Jan. 12, 2012— Catholic Church officials have warned the public against a certain individual introducing himself as priest particularly in the Diocese of Parañaque.

Msgr. Benedicto Aquino, Parañaque diocese’s vice-chancellor, said a certain “Fr. Noel Ormenita” celebrated Mass in a condominium within San Isidro Labrador Parish in the name the church.

“Noel Ormenita is not a Roman Catholic priest and has no faculties to exercise the priestly ministry in the Diocese of Parañaque and everywhere else for that matter,” said Aquino.

In his communiqué, the church official also relayed another warning from the Diocese of Cabanatuan about the suspension order it imposed on Fr. Eliezer Navarro.

Navarro was previously assigned as “priest-on-loan” to the Diocese of Cubao and was suspended “indefinitely” by Cabanatuan Bishop Sofronio Bancud.

Navarro, therefore, has no faculties to exercise his priestly ministry in any diocese.

“Fr. Navarro and Mr. Ormenita are prohibited from celebrating Mass and/or performing priestly functions in any school, chapel, funeral home, or private houses within the Diocese of Parañaque,” said Aquino.

“In case of doubt about the status of priests from other dioceses, please demand a celebret,” he added.

A "celebret" is a testimonial given to a priest when traveling that he is in good standing, with the accompanying request that he be permitted to say Mass. [CBCPNews]