Live Feed of Liturgical Celebrations

During the wake of my mother, Buen Consejo Somosierra, exploring the potentials of live feed such as have offered helped to connect with people who could not be present physically due to their schedules and circumstances.Coming to mind this great opportunity why start broadcasting my personal experience while celebrating the sacraments. it is not a substitute for the actual celebrations of the sacraments and sacramentals but one way to be able to reach out for those because of their physical situation and circumstances cannot do so like those of other countries  who does not allow public celebrations of the sacraments.this is more of a personal blog being shared for those who might be able to visit the site. I created another channel to differ it with my personal channel, that may contain anything under the sun. The new channel will contain only that the title itself have suggested, liturgical and paraliturgical celebrations.

Well this will depend on the availability of the signal - the signal fluctuates especially inside the church walled with a meter of adobe, load - load requires also some monetary consideration., battery - my laptop is good only for 2 hours at most. It would be difficult to bring always the cord and electrical  socket is not always available.

It should be noted here that the said channel is not primarily for theological di\cussion though it may contain such. This is primarily a day to day celebrations of the liturgies the author was been able to record mainly as record of events in celebration with the sacraments especially of the Holy Mass.

Live video by Ustream