We are the Pilgrim Church, that's what the Second Vatican Council Document Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium tell us. The Church enjoins us, her members to journey into a more meaningful encounter with the Divine.

We are called to deepen our life of discipleship with our Lord Jesus Christ. This constitutes a movement towards a closer realization of our Christian faith in our everyday life.. There are many ways of fulfilling this need. Pilgrimages or visiting holy places is one way. May the Holy places we visited and will visit enliven us in our relationship and our faith with our God and neighbor. May it bring us new perspectives and broaden our understanding of our faith in a new dimension. May our experiences help us to be an effective witnesses of God's love for others 

May our pilgrimages, pleasant or unpleasant it may be will help us to understand that our entire life is a pilgrimage. A continuing journey that open us to say yes to the invitation of our Lord Jesus Christ to accompany him in his experiences of misunderstanding and persecution, crucifixion, and death, and ended with victory in the Resurrection.