A Formation Program for the Year of the Laity

One of the topic discussed during the Summer Catechetical  Institute for Priest yesterday in Sta. Catalina spirituality Canter in Baguio City is the presentation of the Year of the Laity Facilitators Manual by Msgr. Antonio Jose "Jojo" Galvez. Aside from the Manual is that one thing that struck me is the need for the Laity to be acknowledge in the Parishes as one of the potent force in the work of God's salvation, especially those who have really strive for years to work in their respective charism.

For easy perusal of the said Facilitators Manual for the Formation Program for the year of the Laity and its Workbook, I have included here the pdf form.
As the days pass for the year of the Laity while the Episcopal Commission on the Laity (ECLA) is busy working on passing this module on different Dioceses here in the Philipppines. This copy will also help others to spread the message of joy of the Gospel.