Why PLDT DSL Internet connection having problems?

This is the question, I asked for several times for almost three weeks while speaking with their representative or technical assistance or simply the assigned call center agent of which have no knowledge at all of the problem being encountered. Well, I am not really sure if this is an isolated event or people using the broadband cannot spot the difference of slow connection or no connection at all, because you might think that you are still online and appear that the screen is slowly loading but in reality has no connection at all.

Practically, I am already tired of calling the repair hotline because the  call center agent will only let you repeat the  basic procedure of checking if you are physically connected or not. They will tell you the rehearse line that they are assessing the issue. Well, I have not against all that but hey you can see from the history log that this caller is not just calling for the first time. It was been a series of call that span for several weeks. Are they really making some assessment and does not know the issue at hand when it was been for a long time. i suspect however that they already know the answer but has not have the courage to spit it out that the problem comes from their end of the line. Well, There is no evidence for such allegation but the very fact that normalcy has not been restored even their is enough power to do so.

What do I suspect? That there was a clog of usage of the bandwidth within the area because of their promo for the installation and upgrading of the plan that one subscriber holds. Adding the load of the subscriber on a certain area of which it was design before for a lower consumption but now has upgraded because of the promo without adjusting the physical connection will surely led for disaster. 

The same has happened when Epass  has offered a slice of the price this year. A lot of those who avail and even some who were subscriber before encountered glitch from their gadgets of not registering to the terminal their car tag status. Remember that these are newly bought gadgets for special price. I thought before that the gadget might be defective. Some Epass personnel commented that problem was caused by the car tint. I have read before the instruction and I know that I remember well that it was clearly stated that no tint will in any way interfere   with the gadget. As the time pass by normalcy returns because adjustment with the inclusion of the newly bought Epass tag was corrected.

So, what shall I do? Normalcy will surely return as time passes by because it will be corrected as we go along. The Filipino way. If we will take this simply as the Filipino way, a charade and an insult to the rest of the Filipinos. As a priest, I will take  a deep breath and thank God for the gift of patience and  offer of prayer that let us open our eyes and work together to a more higher standard of which we might be attuned with.