Deathbed Ordination?

So far, it is the first time that I have encountered that a seminarian was ordained a deacon and a priest at his deathbed. My experiences have made me believed that such thing is impossible to happen. I have heard several seminarians who were barred from ordination because of sickness some terminal and others not. Maybe they do not have the persistence of Rev. Fr. William Carmona. Or Maybe we are being reminded by God through the ordaining prelate Bishop David Choby of the Diocese of Nashville that “The ordination of Father Carmona, which occurred in the face of the certainty of death, reflects the Paschal Mystery,” Bishop Choby continued. “That is how our own lives are transformed in the death and resurrection of Jesus.” The Ordination of Rev. Fr. William Carmona on Christus Santa Rosa Medical Center last September 8, on the occasion of the birthday of the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ has deepen my faith

Reflecting on this immense gift had to realized that the Paschal Mystery is not only on the works of the priesthood offers but on the person itself of which God ordains. Sometimes, we as priest are overwhelmed that God has chosen us to administer to others that had overshadowed the reality that the grandeur of the Paschal Mystery is in de facto present in the ordained ministry and the first receptor of this very gift as in persona Christi.