Internet Interruptions

It was been a long and series of complains that I presented to internet providers not included that we are the slowest internet speed in the whole world. As a part of costumer rights, I formerly report every time there is an internet interruption but since the incapacities of the call center agents to solve the matters and simply keeping a log of complain in the computer or of their databases, and tired of hearing of sending technicians to solve the matter knowing that it is not the physical connection that should be addressed after all. Aside from praying and taking the pill of patience, every time that I will encounter the loss of connection, I will post and stack the screenshots wherein it is also detailed there the date and time and an icon referring if there is a connection or not.

For the record, let it be known again that my internet provider is PLDT dsl. i just hope that my space for pictures here at will not run out. I will also be posting in my Facebook account. This is the log of which I have a record of, there might be more instances of which   I might not be able to take a screen shots of the outages.

This is currently updated for continuous interruption of Internet signal particularly from PLDT broadband provider for reason I suspect as over subscription.