Lectors and Commentators Renewal

The Church in union with our Lord Jesus Christ has the obligation to proclaim the Good News of salvation throughout the whole world and even to the universe at large that is to the end of the world. One of the ministry of which the laity participates in this endeavor along with other ways such as in teaching the members of the family about the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ is helping the priest in the liturgy to make the written word of God be heard in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. proclaiming the Word of God as one reads the passage or passages of the written word of God from the Old Testaments, Psalms and the New Testament.

Helping the faithful to participate in the solemn celebration of Christ's presence in our midst, the commentators and the lectors are here to commune as God's voice proclaiming His presence and messages to guide our daily life. Sometimes, it is to be noted that the faithful should not only hear the Gospel the priest proclaim but also the readings which constitutes the message of our God for his presence and message echoes from time immemorial and that includes the Old Testament.

May these commentators and lectors of the parish of saint Martin de Porres be filled with the Holy Spirit and be an instrument of God as prophets of the modern world continuing the proclamation of God's goodness and saving act.