First Communion, Summer Edition

First Holy Communion is one of the yearly activities of the parish life. here in saint Martin de Porres, we do it every December and January. it is not much of a large group because this parish is a small one, and I may say a smallest in the Diocese of San Pablo in terms of land area and population. However, we decided to make use of the time we spent with the children during the Marian May flower devotion to gather those who have not been able to participate in the last First Communion celebration. We gather a ample number of first communicants, 14 to be exact. Sometimes, we see it as a waste of time of training 14 individual for this summer, why not wait for this coming December instead? I asked myself. Reflecting deeper, I realized that it is not the number that count but more on the seriousness of the Church to offer her services to a maximum capacity that it can offer so that the faithful may have a wide opportunity to received the sacraments in.

Is 14 a defeating number in the reception of the sacraments? Absolutely not. every single person deserves a shot. It is always a victory because we are bringing children closer to Christ. Sometimes we tend to be swayed by numbers, we forgot the person..