What's inside my heart?

This is a letter sent by Sis Immaculata to me and among of her family, fellow sisters and friends around the globe. Sister Immaculate, Abigael Atienza from Pakil Laguna and presently station in America. This post comes with her permission that maybe able to help us as one of our materials in our meditation especially when the subject matters touched on lives and God's gifts.

To my dear family & friends,

By now some of you might have heard the news about what happened to me last Tuesday, May 12, 2015. Let me begin by saying thank you for the e-mails, messages, notes, get-well-soon cards, for those of you who are near me…the little tokens of gifts such as coffee & tea that were left on the top my desk, words of kindness, hugs and most especially your prayers. I am most grateful and overwhelmed by all your kindness.

 Last Tuesday, May 12, 2015 was my last day at the University…my final research paper for the semester was due. I left St. Elizabeth School at 10:30 AM to turn in my research paper at 11:00 AM. On my way there, I was hit by car at the intersection. Next thing I know I was spinning around, then the car starting rolling in at the median of the highway. At that point I realized that I was hit and I saw I was still rolling so I put the car in park. When I finally stop a man name Andrew was standing by the car. He asked me if I am alright and he told me the ambulance and the police are on their way. To make a long story short… an elderly man (89 years old) run the red light and told the police that he was having double vision that morning and he did not see the light or me prior to hitting me…both of our cars are totaled… thankfully, I have only small cuts and bruises here and there as the result and the elderly man is ok as well. I was scared to say the least and I was in shocked for couple days…as some of you know…I have lower back problem…. I am having trouble with it right now, I guess the impact of the car crash, but nothing really major I have to worry about… As I reflect on what happened to me…

I realized 3 things: 

1st God is not ready for me… my “little cottage” in my little corner in heaven is still under construction… One of the police told me after the car crash and looking at the car told me that, “Someone UP there loves you so much, He protected you.” 

2nd I realized that my mission here on earth is not done yet… God still needs me here on earth to guide, instruct and love His little ones. 

3rd It made me think that, “The only things you can take with you when you leave this world are the things you’ve packed inside your heart.” Hmm…I really need to pray and meditate about “what’s inside my heart?” 

All in all, I am doing well, time will heal and I know as I go through the healing process, God gave me an awesome family and an amazing friends to support me and to love me. Again, thank you for everything and thank you for being part of my life journey. Know that you are special to me and that you are in my prayers. Let us keep one another in prayers… 

Love and prayers, 

Sister Immaculata (Ate) Gail 

P.S. After the whole incident, the police officer drove me to the University to turn in my research paper and one of my Sister from the Convent picked me up from the University to bring me back to the Convent. The police officers that responded to the accident were very kind to me. God is Good!