Do you have Sore Eyes?

Sorry to tell you but yes I do. I do have sore eyes, I have been careful not to rub my eyes but the itchiness is too tense that I rigorously rub my eyes yesterday morning. i was able to attend the Vicarial meeting with the priests in the Vicariate of the Holy Family in Pacita Complex. I hope I have not infected them with this virus. Priests present were Frs. Jaime Niego, Boy Ti, OSA, Ric Pajutan, Reggie Mamaril, Jessie Somosierra and Monsignor Rey Agramon. Frs. Reggie Pia, OSJ and David Reyes were not able to attend because of some conflict in their schedule.

After the meeting. I proceeded to Sta. Rosa, Laguna, St. Rose of Lima parish to visit Monsignor Eser Taguilaso. Last Sunday was the feast day of St. Rose of Lima, the patron saint of the parish where he is assigned to visit him and to bid a birthday wish, today is his birthday. I arrived there to see other priests of the diocese.

Spent some moment with them, Monsignor Rey Agramon arrived earlier than me, I choice the wrong road. I should go out more to familiarized the roads. I am still felling well with some itchiness on my eyelids. When I arrived home, it was then that my suspect becomes more evident. I have tried to take bath hoping that it will cool my body cleanse my eyes. However, the soap has irritated my eyes and made it worst.

I have to wear sunglasses even it is already dark during the Mass.

I have slept early that night to rest my eyes and to regain my strength. I felt that my immune system has weaken. In the morning I have to open the Blessed Sacrament and lead the exposition and the morning prayer.

With consultations, I decided to buy a drug for this virus.

It was not painful as yesterday, but it is still annoying as it prevents me to do my work with efficiency. I hope that this will be healed immediately. Saint Martin, pray for me.