Joe Catholic

"Show up late if you have to and leave early if they need." A very different approached for those who meet twice a month for the maintenance of the blog site Joe catholic dot org. It is to help Catholics and non Catholics to answer God's call to holiness. It started on the Spring of 2009.

The site explains that they have  settled on a three prong format: Catholic Toolbox, Saint Talk and FAQ of Faith. Each session lasts about 15-20 minutes and they are non-sequential by design. The Catholic Toolbox is normally a Catechetical talk, focusing on primary teachings of the Church. Saint Talk covers the life of a saint whose feast we will celebrate during the month we are meeting. We focus on the lessons we can learn from their lives, both before and after their encounters with Christ. FAQ of Faith takes an apologetic approach to questions Catholics are often asked by their non-Catholic friends and family. Filed again on Non Filipino Lay Catholic blogger.