Non Filipinos Catholic Lay Bloggers

I thought before that the section of Filipino Catholic Lay Blogger is enough but it seems that there is still a scarcity of Filipino bloggers so I am adding a new section of Non Filipinos Catholic Lay Bloggers I believe will help us to understand our faith. It should be noted that lay bloggers are more active compare to religious and priests.

A Catholic Life - Matthew

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism by Dave Armstrong

Catholic and Enjoying it by Mark Shea
Catholic Dads by Rob Kaiser
Catholic Fire by Jean M, Heimann
Catholic Stand by Richard G. Evans
Catholic Working Mother by JoAnna Wahlund

McNamara's Blog - Pat McNamara

Seasons of Grace - Katty Shiffer
Sticking The Corners by Jennofer Fitz

The Anchorees - Elizabeth Scalia
The Catholic Joe by Joseph's Group
The Crescat - Katrina Fernandez
The Reproach of Christ by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
The Three Prayers by Janet Cupo
Whisppers in the Loggia - Rocco Palmo
Why I am Catholic - Frank Weathers