Diocese of San Pablo dot com

Last Monday, Jan 18, 2016, I have noticed that the website of the Diocese is now online again. It was poster here also when it was down before sometime last year. As we celebrate the Year of Mercy, the Year of Family and Eucharist and the Golden Jubilee of the Diocese of San Pablo it is but fitting to use the present technology to the building of the Kingdom of God.

To inform necessary plan of action and the activities that has been part of the graces that God continually showers us with. 

To warn of the pitfalls that the faithful may encounter as we travel toward to the new promised Land. This is also to strengthen each and everyone to carry the cross how heavy it may be as Our Lord Jesus Christ did.

May information concerning our faith activities and programs help us to a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ who have bother to let himself be known by becoming one of us and to penetrate our very being to be united with Him.