On Prayers

Not only that today's Gospel speak about prayer on Luke 6: 12-19, but also see today in my email that one of my blogs, Prayer was nominated in one the blog awards here in the Philippines.

I will not expect much on this because it was been since I updated it. 

I failed to update it for the reason that aside from my religious and pastoral busy, I am researching to find out how to upgrade the mobile application of the same site. it can be accessed both in mobile and desktop at http://frjess.blogspot.com

i used the predesigned application maker appgeyser site to make it available as an application. However, I am till looking for solution to make it accessible even without the use of internet. meaning that once accessed online can be written on the phone so that it can be viewed even without the internet. It is possible but what I need is that I would like to learn myself how to do it. I presuppose to learn it immediately but it seems that coding is a meticulous and tedious undertaking. Lord, give me the knowledge for it and the patience to finish it. Simply as part of the Evangelization program especially for the present time and generation.

Maybe, it is more time to read and ask customer service on this subject. I thought that learning android studio will be the answer. I find some difficulty to make this possible. Sometimes, God is telling me there are things that takes time on His terms.