Exploring Google Docs

I am a blogger user but it was only when I started the use of paid web hosted that I was directed as a part of the application of one of the web hosted platform. So I have decided if the same application is offered to a free web blog such as this one and if there are limitations different from the paid platform than from the free one.

Here is one of the example is the slideshow of the Lenten celebration of the Catholic Church gathered in the internet. I might add some slide from later date. Let us if the code can adapt with the continous addition of slide without updating the code.

Before, I was using other platform such as slide dot com but since I would like to limit the use of other platform to make the blog load faster because it would no longer need to fetch data from other platforms. Slide dot come is more user friendly because it can easily make a slide out of different pictures individually. Well, this is still on experiment stage as this is the first time of using google docs here in blogger.

Share unlike here in google doc that you will manipulate each slide