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Part of the human nature is the capacity to end. this site as one of the link I installed in my blog to link with others and to record the popularity according to the category it was assigned have stopped along with other sites that offer widgets  of which I will also include in this site to save space and links.
Aol reader
Philippine Blog Directory/ http://www dot yeepe dot com/blog/
cbo blogroll
dokimos/christian web
person finder
Huge Domain
Top Philippine Website

I also remove google translate as today's website have capable enough to automatically translate the site if it recognized that it is not the user's native language or dialect or you can itself configure your browser to do the translation automatically or offer a pop out menu to able the user decide for it from time to time.

Taken down also Jrank Site Search Engine since every blog now have its own search engine.

The Network blog. It was discontinued though those who have been registered before can still keep the link and linkages.Mine, still exists however, I observe that only few bloggers have been using it now compared with other social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to name a few. For the rest of the Netizens, it seems that it was long forgotten. i am still keeping it because its linkage with Facebook still works though not all the time.

Updated the Blogarama. My former account could not be access, they are now offering a premium account if you want to upgrade if there is more 50 blog posts you would like to be indexed in a month with some features of which I did not give much attention for the moment. I created another account by using another email and claim this blog. Other blogs will follow later. There is much workload for the moment. What  I am trying to do for the moment is to clean up the clatter that make this blog run slow in the desktop because of the plugins. Plugin in the side bar or bars is not included in the mobile applications.

So far after some adjustments I have mentioned here, it is still of no avail as I test again through google test my site that no change of numbers on the benchmark. I will try to see more on the root of the problem. was it in the plugin or what plugins or widget that make my site slow. Or is there any tool that will specifically point on what widget that slowed my site in accessing by the readers. Please comment if you have knowledge on this matter. It might also help others without prejudice to other widgets.

Multiply closed shop last May 6, 2013, I took down one widget and networking link but I missed this one from feedburner
Christian Top 1000

Quantcast is retained though it might not add traffic to the site but it is also an independent measurement of the site. .
It records not only the number of your visitors, the demographics, sex, age, as well as the unique global visits. Why is that? because unique global visits is priceless, they are the one really reading your posts, just as graphically featured below.
Sonic Run
I did not remove the link byt transfer it instead to a text link to lesson the downloadable material as they say. it has still some bandwidth exposure as a sign og gratidue for listing my site though it will take 90 days more to be listed and from their own words no guarantee. If you want guarantee, a 5 dollars fee for month. I pass.
Blogbuzzer is nstill active but i believe that it is already ineffective as it has errors on pingging my site for several trials.If you want your blog to be featured a fee of 34.99 is expected from you. I believe it is for a year though there is no clear instruction. I did not press any longer because the site  already asking for credit card information. I remembered  that they gave me a  butterfly award for th -coolest blog before. I forgot the year it was presented. They gave me a widget for it but it has disabled the link now. So I detached also it from the blog.

Yahoo 360 blog
Yahoo 360 was launched in March 2005, it one of my earliest blog. I have no knowledge that my writings there will be lost since Yahoo as a mail service is still functioning. It has stopped operation because according to the reason presented before is few people are using it. Some say overrun by Facebook.
My Blog Log
Also a Yahoo service for blog networking. A network developing site acquired by yahoo on january 2007 and was terminated by yahoo last February 24,  2011.
Paid listing for 10 dollars.
Feeds 4 All
Linky Followers
I am thinking of stopping the service because of the small turn out of users, I created it September 19, 2012. i decided to keep it since it is of the networking sites that oofer snipset of one's blog
You Say to
Blogsrating - updated
Ringsurf is still around but the rings are no longer functioning and when I tried to login, I cannot login because the security code cannot be seen. I believe it is no longer maintain as it should be.

Well, there are things that beyond our control and the hard reality that here on earth everything has an end. It is somewhat sad that there are cool stuff that has not been strong enough to last a long time because of a lot of factors. We nee to reinvent ourselves to stay afloat in this fast changing internet world.