Blogs can be accessed thru the  blog address itself or to other ways such as email. Bloggers have incorporated already in the new theme the subscribe button. Here in the theme I have chosen for my blog is theme Emporio is already attached to the blog arrangement situated in the upper left side of the blog. Yes, you can change its location either to the right bar in any position there, however, it will be lost for there are a lots of widgets there already or to the lower side of the body or to the footer. i left it on the original position. it may be small enough but I think it is already enough. Simple but not annoying.
And one thing more here is that it is evident if you are scrolling down or you are looking at the previous post. It is situated on the upper left with the blog name. Cool.
And my feeds can also be found on the feedburner on this address
I do not know if all blogger account have automatically been given Feedburner address automatically but surely if you apply for new themes as I have written before surely you have automatically have a Feedburner address because blogger uses it to redirect your blogs for email subscription.

now, what is the benefit of email subscription? If you opted to be subscribe to any blog, you will instantly receive an email about that blog whether through the whole blog or simple a part of it. From the settings I have, i have opted for full but thinking now that it would be better to change it ti a part of it so that it will not let your blog only to accessed to any other third party entity like the feedburner without a trace of it.