Tools for development and assessment

Checking page rank is important in the assessment of the viability of a websites, though page visits can also be helpful but sometimes misleading page hit counter is a tool also to see if how many visits are made unique or simply visits, but, page rank is more important because it carries some weight in the internet world. in layman's term page rank is simply a ranking whether your site is being linked to another site. Why is this important? Well, it does not speaks whether your site is being visited or not but the very fact that your site was been linked by another site could mean that your sute was been visited by the webmaster of the site and is giving direction to the reader of his site to go to your site and see to it that there is something in your site that they might be looking for. The rank of this blog is on the right section. When I decided to check http://sanpablodiocesancatecheticalcommission,com, I did not see any rank for the moment because it was still new. The result is not applicable simply because could be of any of these:

1) the web page is new, and it is not indexed by Google yet,
(2) the web page is indexed by Google, but it is not ranked yet,
(3) the web page was indexed by Google long ago, but it is recognised as a supplemental  page,
(4) the web page or the whole website is banned by Google.

I also checked and here is the result
Checked also the fourth best Philippine Website which Alexa rated as number 4 in the Philippines has 6 out of 10.
Hoping to improve the site, well first we have to populate it because what is the use of its high ranking if there is nothing in it. The real thing in any site whether t is a wensite or a blogsite is the quality of the content which is the primary and important matter. However, we have also to consider that there are many catholic sites that has low in rating. What is the use of the good content, if it is present if it cannot be accessed. what is the use of its goodness when it is not shared. Well, it is good in itself. But, no one here and nothing hers is for himself/herself/itself alone. We need the material to be wanted by the user or rather though it is wanted to let it be known that you have what they are looking for.Or else, the purpose of the site to be known or be seen or be shared.