Who owns the Roman Catholic Blogspot Dot Com?

Filipino Catholicism

It is only now that I have discovered this great blog, Filipino catholicism, but unfortunately I cannot find the author. Preferable and most accurately belongs to the clergy as the information that derives from the post. it is not only that i can't  find the author but also the author stopped blogging since the year 2014. we really do not know the reason because. there are a lot reasons under the sun for the discontinuance of the said activity. There might be some time that I have stopped blogging for a year not because I have run out of subject matter. There are too many subject matters to be discussed but there are time that you do not feel to write. it is easier to speak than to write. maybe there are time that I let my homilies in my videos as a replacement for my blog. It is of different nature and platforms. They cater different audience.

Well if somebody has the knowledge of the blogger of the said blog, be kind enough to comment on this site. It is sad to see that he discontinued his blogging activity because there is a lot of material to be shared and surely he or she have a ton of it for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.