PPCRV Volunters

The Parish Pastoral Council have intensified its drive for the recruitment of volunters. We want to raise the volunters from the fifty persons to 141. The municipality has 141 precints to be watched during the election scattered among its villages. Some prospects are asking for a fee just like the watchers of political candidates. Sorry, but this one is free, a volunter. Others are afraid of the violatile situation of the local nominees. They do not want to be identified because other political parties
are also recruiting them. Some political parties technique is to get as many poll watchers because it could secure them their votes.

We are also in need of financial resources. We need to fed these volunters for a day's work, some even will stay more for the counting of ballots. We need also bottled waters.

Late that afternoon, I also met the members of young professional who are in-charge of Marian devotion during may in offering flowers to Mary and asking for her intercession. One day, before May, they have to make some arrangements to decorate the church and to make sure that there is someone who will lead the prayers.

Some of those who are assigned did not came. The practise here is that the hermanas and hermanos are the one who look for their replacement for the next year event. It seems that people they chose before are not aquainted with the devotion to the Virgin Mary, the Lady of Flowers.

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