Part I of III on PPCRV Voter's Education Video
* Producer - Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV)
* Executive Producer - Ma. Esnestine Tamana
* Director - Aleah Aliporo
* Assistant Director - Tony Silvestre
* Associate Producer - Dex Ravana
* On-cam Talent - Niel de Mesa “dindo”
* Voice Talent - Oliver Dy,SJ “coach”
* Editors - Mac Eugenio
* - Mari Bianca Orenciana
* - Ernestine Tamana
* - Jonathan Mabini
* Graphics Artists - Dea Toribio
* Ryan Ocampo
* Scriptwriter - Divine Love Salvador
* Cover La-Out and Design - Ryan Ocampo
* Production House - Jesuit Communication Foundation, Inc

people clamor for right information for the orderly and peaceful election. Here is the video that will help us to understand the meaning and process of this political exercise.
Part I of III-Philippine Political Situation

Part II of III-How To Vote

Part III of III-How to Guard and Count the Vote

The last two parts have taken me a lot of time to convert and upload it to the internet because of their file extension and size
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