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Some members of the Knights of the Altar here popularly known as Lingkod ng Dambana will attend the KoA summer camp in the St. Peter's College Seminary as part of the yearly affair of the KoA and also a venue to recruit future seminarians and priests. There are ten representatives from the Parish.
Here is the list of all the members of the KoA of the parish:

  • Exequel Matthew C. Casapao

  • Erren Evans C. Casapao

  • Ephraim James C. Casapao

  • Philip Arvin Andaya

  • Lexter T. Alamag

  • Marc Joseph Bondad

  • John Carlo Comia

  • Angelo Durgo

  • Eduardo Encardques

  • Reymart Guevarra

  • John Paul Jaraplasan

  • Conrad Rhoi Jaraplasan

  • Noel Nino Lat

  • Daniel Brandon Layog

  • Dominique Brylle Layog

  • John Joshue Loleng

  • Robin Marasigan

  • Ken Martinez

  • Ramil Me-J Odero

  • Pocholo Pareja

  • Luther Sydney Ramos

  • Jed Ivan Reyes

  • Jiggs Nikko Reyes

  • Kenneth Ace Sungcaya

  • Jarol Villegas

  • Mark Joseph Gulay

  • Mario "Bobby" Pantas

  • Jake Paulo Elomina

  • Andrew Darantinao

  • Christ John Sison
Inactive members

  • Arlon Noguera

  • Reymart Reyes

  • Alvin Jay Gelves

  • Jeffrey Mabuyo

  • Jessie Boy Mabuyo

  • Kohn Rey Mabuyo

  • John Leo Mabuyo

  • Christian Jaraplasan

  • Gene Matt Bautista

  • Jonathan Casabul

  • Sherveen Renz Capua

  • Arthur Elechosa

  • Keith Olivares

Damian Sotto, no relation with the actor Sotto, approached me this morning asking for Mass on May 7 of this year on the basketball court of their barrangay. For four years they are trying to revive the history of Bay as they commemorate the first site of the town for more than a hundred years. They have a thanksgiving mass followed by a medical and dental clinic and on the next day a Gabi ng Parangal.

I believe that the cultural roots of any human being should not be forgotten at all. And we have to try to revive it especially of the global trends of our society. One's identity should always be a part of one's consciousness. one of the potent safeguard to protect is our cultural heritage that should be relive, if not everyday at least for some moments of our life from time to time.


I was shocked when I first learned that there are live-ins and live-outs prisoners in this municipality. Today, one of the living out, I am not really certain of what they really meant of it but it seem a prisoners who can go out of the prison cells and can go home during meal time or they are staying in their homes but reporting everyday in the prisons and stays there during the day, he approached me and asking for some financial assistance for the rest of the prisoners. I told them that I will give food instead of money since it is one of the things they lacked there. Some of them were not been visited by their loved ones. I am told.

These inmates are here because their cases ranging from petty thefts to murder have not yet been resolve by the lower court and/or they do not have the money to bail bonds for their temporary release. I will also coordinate with the local coordinators of the parish to see what they could do. They might asked the relatives to visit them or to send something for their meals.

Thse are the list of the names they sent me:

  • Michael Talla - Brgy. San Antonio

  • Jomar Ortix - Brgy. Masaya

  • Romulo de Vera Brgy. San Isidro

  • Petronilo - Brgy. San Antonio

  • Edgar Bamayado Brgy. Maitim

  • Nick Bamayado Brgy. Maitim

  • Arnold Punzalan Brgy. Tranca

  • Jinjoy Rlante Brgy. San Antonio

  • Jess Aragon Brgy. San Agustin

  • Julius de Castro Brgy. Calo

  • Jenre San Pablo City

  • Dondon Tijada San Pablo City

  • Poll Del Valle Brgy. SanIsidro

  • Leo Suares Brgy.Dila
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