Eve of World Communication Day

On the eve of the feast of ascension, i have made a realization that there are things that the faith has to be proclaimed as the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ have clearly stated that it must be proclaim in all Nations. It is also in cognizance with the celebration of the Catholic Church celebration of the 40th WORLD Communication Day.
For the advance of years, communication technology have also been modernized to a considerable extent of which a lot of people now have taken for granted. I remember fifteen years ago that the common form of communication is through the use of snail mail. Before, it was called air mail. Due to the advent of powerful communication tools, it has become the snail one.
The advent of new communication tools has reached us before but its affordability today have greatly affected us, it has been the tool for the majority not only for the elite.
Before a cellphone that looks like a "refrigerator" costs more than 20 thousand pesos. Now, a cellphone with that kind of amount has all the feature that you could imagine.
Considering these events and wonders of the present time, I have decided to make another blog for the Filipino Bible. Since I cannot find an Catholic online Bible on the internet written in local language, I will try to transcibe it to the blogs. I will use one of the common version used by Catholics. To avoid infringement of copyright license, I will post it section by section with the proper annotation. Sometime, I called the Philippine BIble Society concerning this matter. They told me that they are preparing an online Tagalog Bible. That was four years ago. Until now, I do not know if there is any Filipino Bible online. I have seen in one of the website but did not care to look further of a certain version dated 1904. I did not pursue to it further because it is a protestant version and much have been changed for a hundred years. You could see the new site on http://tipan.wordpress.com

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