Too much gadgets and graphics make this site slower especially for the dial-up readers. most of the Filipino people except for those who are always in internet cafe or shops and the financially abled could hardly use broadband and high speed connection. I am staring to limit my post and the graphics. So I make another site for the activities of the parish. Mainly for the activities of the parish. It is also my activity as the parish priest but I could make a link here directing to the site and vice versa.
Seeing other bloggers who are rich not only in content but also in form have somewhat make me jealous. Only if I have a lot of time to develop everything for a short period of time. It reminds me that I am human bounded by the rules of this world.
I remember one of my friend a priest within the vicariate commented "Can yu still find time spending in the front of the computer?" Well, I have answered that we spent our free time on different interest. it is here I spent my free time. I am also reminding myself that this is just a part of my daily activities of which should not hinder my ministry rather enriched it, and may help it to reach fulfillment.
I am thankful that this technoly have becoming cheaper that ever, though it is still beyond the reach of the common people. But today's generation have find time to make this thing available to its lowest price. I still hope that businesses which focus on the internet connection will find means to lower it cost. Much have already been done by some sectors. Just as this blogging becoming a fad because it is free except the connection and the time.
Going back to the site of the parish activities. It is hosted in wordpress. I like to host it here is blogspot but there is a limit on the graphics you could put in the weblogs. The alloted free filesize is only 1000 mb only and I have used a considerable percent already. It is not accumulative on the number of your blog of which the wordpress offers 50 mb every blog you created and offers an easy installation if you host it with other sites. It will not be a proble here in blogspot if I know to use it in html. May be I will try to study and learn it. I an not also ertain if the alloted 1000 mb applies not only to graphics butto all extensions. Anyway for the moment, let us try another services. The name of the blog is activities, http://activities.wordpress.com

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