On Construction and Preservation

This is an amateur video footage from a digital camera. It is quite dark. Digital cameras need more light, I supposed. I have a mini-divi camera but I have not been able to bring it to the service center. It also requires a lot of time in transfering from tape to PC. It is easier to use now the card. Maybe, if I have enough money to buy a good moving camera, it will be good for podcasting. For the moment be patient with this one. Next time I will add additional lightning.

This is the invitation and a bird's eye view of the forthcoming first ever seminar to be hosted by the diocesan commission of construction and preservation of ecclesiastical edefice to held here in my parish, bay, Laguna, St. Augustine Parish on June 11, 2007 at 8:00 in the morning. All parish priests and officers of the Church construction committe or temporalities are cordially invited. A 200.00 pesos expense is required for all the attendees. Lunch is included in the 200 pesos fee along with the seminar materials.
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