I am sorry, that I was not been able to post frequently. There is much work and I think I have expand much of myself in making different blogs or web blogs on the internet. Aside from my work as a priest, there are some social responsibilities that I must also attend to.

Before, I was pleading for some people in the hirarchy to give me some works on making the site for the diocese. I have find o is no need to ask them about it because there is much to be done even on my personal capacity. I thought, that it is my contribution to the presbyterium and to the local church or diocese. After much reflection, I have several sites of which I cannot find time to maintain in regular pace. This is one of the reson of not been able to post here regularly. So some of my post here are timestamped to make the way.

Sometimes, I also give more time to some of the sites who gather much popularity that this personal site of mine, of which is also the barometer, I used for the need of the people. However, it is also to remind myself that this site is personally mine of which is a part of my personality and being. This does not mean that the other sites does not reflect the same. But here is is more personal.

I have made a new network site for the Diocese of San Pablo. I do not know, if I ever posted it here before. But to the interest of thoose who failed to catch up. There are two sites: the first one is reserve to the priests of the diocese of San Pablo. though, it might have not been able to reach the majority of the priest who uses the internet. Not all of the priest is attuned to this new modern, though not too modern anymore, I am still tryoing to reach out for them for actively inviting them not only as recipient but also as active participants. The site is Invitation is required to log on.

The other corresponds to the people who wished to enter the site but were not priest. Iam also making the site to be more attuned to the needs of the faithful who belongs to the diocese of San Pablo or to those who would like some information about the diocese of San Pablo. This is a separate site from the other site on the making about the profile of the diocese. The site could be found on

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