Father Puti

Father Puti, ito ang tawag sa mga nakakilala sa kanya. We first meet when I was still the parish priest of the Holy Trinity, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna.
Kanina after the mass and baptism i presided in the former parish, pununta ako sa reception, also in the nearby area. We are taking lunch when John told me that Father Puti is in the convent of the Holy Trinity Parish, I decided to finish our lunch and come over on the parish convent of the said parish. We talk a lot of things. But what i have notice is the sudden shift of his decision to leave being a political activist for some work of which he is now undertaking more on the spiritual life. I should be happy because it will detached himself with the politicians who are following him and riding in the issue of which he presents in the media. However, it seems that I am speaking with a different person, hindi siya yon. I am not here to judge but I do not want that a friend of mine who have been fighting all his life for justice and equity in the arena of political and social life of the Filipino faithful might have been "bruised" enough to fight back and dee a different venue of fighting evil. I am not against such action but everyone of us is a different person of which has different inclination. Some walks in a very contemplative and some in a very active and radical way. He always says that this is the path the Lord is leading him. This is a matter of which he and the Lord can only answer. But what I am telling is that I am concerned that he might be wrong. And the implication of it if I am right has a devastating effect on the said person. I hope I am wrong.

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