Visit from fellow priests

Early t morning at around 9'oclock before I send off John to submit my papars for the renewal of my marriage license in the bishop's residence, three priests visited me as well as to greet me on my birthday.Fr. Rico de Luna, Fr. Gaylord and Fr. Marvi Villamir decided to passed by before going to the hospital for their check up. They invited me to go along with them next time they come for check up so that I can use my health card which we are paying every month.

Some talks were exchange especially on the ministry and between relations with brother priests especially of the diocese.

They asked me have their lunch with me in the restaurant nearby. We ordered before hand so that they will be not late in their appointment with their doctor. We hope that we could talk more next time but since the schedule will not permit it. Fr. Rico who is the present rector of the Theological department invited for the next reunion next year.

He also invited me to the seminary again. however, I told them that during my early priesthood, I was happy to be a part of the formators in the philosophy department. I love to be in the seminary. You are well protected there. You are secluded from a lot of temptation. Of course, there are still some temptations. But my experience tells me that I could still be useful in the parish work.

I love to teach, many from the family belongs to the teaching profession. In the parish, I could also impart the knowledge though not as philosophical and theological as in the seminary.

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