Take Care Of Your Heart

Last April 21, the clergy of the Diocese of San Pablo come together for regular monthly assembly but not for spiritual matters or what we call recollection, it was been assigned to hear the speakers from St. Luke's Medical Center compose of doctors and medical practitioners who spoke about taking care of one's heart, the physical one. I was not been able to get the material presented because I was not able to brought with me my USB. However this slideshow speaks of the same subject matter. As priest, the usual cause of death from my parish is CVA, Cardio Vascular Arrest. Yes, I ussually ask my secretary of the cause of death as reflected in the book of the dead or Liber Defuncturum.

There are certain points that we must not forget about this:

1. We must take care of our heart
2. Hypertension is a silent killer
3. For those who are in medication of hypertension, it is for maintenance not for curation
4. Hypertension can cause heart attack or brain attack(Stroke)
5. Proper use of your medication can help you withstand the ill effects of the attack, follow the instruction of your doctor
5. Death will surely come but you have to be prepared spiritually and physically

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