Incoming Letters

A unique blog, an idea that I have read in one of the posts I have read concerning material on blog posting. However, I do not exactly know what does it mean because it can mean a lot of things. A blog is unique because it only speaks of certain subject matter. It can also mean that because of traffics on the site can be an added feature of its uniqueness.

Anyway, there is a new blog that I have created also in Blogspot because of the image capacity rather than that of Wordpress. I have a lot of blogs already in Wordpress is one of the reason I am choosing Blogspot but because it hinders me to put some additional feature that is available in blogspot. I named it Letters.

Letters can be found in It contains invitations, cards and notes of all kind received. Since they are still part of my life, I do not want to clog this priest's site of the said materials and might have eaten away the allotted free images memory so I decided to make another one. Please, if you have time, please visit Letters.

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